During this winter/spring Covid-19 epidemic, few things seem to hold solid. That’s especially true for expectant mothers and parents of young children. But for us, ONE thing holds true no matter how the world may crumble…and that is our Maker, Creator of all mankind. He is our unchanging shelter.


Thanks to God, Fremont’s Life Choices center is still operating! Our most visible face and dedicated Director, Suzanne continues to care for client’s needs. She is the only paid staff member as well, and has forgone all volunteers’ help for their protection as well as those we serve. 


Procedures have temporarily changed, but “parents’ needs have not,” she knows. Life Choices now asks clients to phone or contact us first, and then set up an appointed time to get their supplies carried out to them. For now, parenting classes inside are suspended, though Suzanne can still share advice or just listen via phone or email. And our website, of course, is up as well as Facebook and Instagram. 


Essentials like diapers and wipes are still available to our current clients as well as new ones.


How and why can this parental and pregnancy center remain open, when so much of daily business is shut down or temporarily closed? We know – and the people we serve are finding – that it’s part of this life-mission’s core that we operate and function by the power and grace of the God we serve. 


Clients now see what “faith based” means, in action, and during a crisis, as Fremont saw through other Christian outreaches in last year’s flood. And now Suzanne and her husband, Cornerstone Bible Pastor Jeff Schneider, are living what they value and teach as IS usual. 


The courage and compassion to persevere comes from faith and trust in an Almighty God that transcends any circumstance. It is why each new client facing a pregnancy is given the Gospel at Life Choices. The good news is shared that life is a gift from a Creator who loves all enough to have given up His own for ours. And that He promises parents to sustain them in hope. A mother’s and babies’ blood need no longer be shed, because His was for every wrong choice we make. And they are given the choice to accept this Redemption by Him, in a gently guided conversation, with no pressure. 


So our care continues, even amidst viruses and world-wide fear, because of Whom we put our faith and trust, and Life Choices is grateful that faithful supporters and friends share generously in this mission. 


We can also join in prayer for Suzanne’s health and protection, and praise Him for placing her here in Fremont through such times, and a husband and family who support and help. Blessing to all… 


A note from a volunteer.