Who ever “concieved” of the idea of Life Choices’ clients earning points to shop from this treasure room provided an ongoing beacon of hope, and it is usually filled to the brim!

Many donations of new to lightly used items probably come from YOU, our loyal supporters and friends. Others come from clients as their wee ones outgrow clothes and equipment. Some bags and boxes are just brought anonymously…a sweet suprise. 🙂

If you haven’t visited the office since we moved to 22nd Street, come and see. Or just imagine clothing racks and shelves and drawers on all four walls, all packed with newborn to size 2T clothes, hats, shoes, coverlets; then add blankets and quilts, boppy pillows, bouncers, books, cleaning products, and TOYS. The items are rotated by season, space, and sensed needs. 

Volunteers like Tina patiently sort each item and arrange placement. Because the “closet” is a full-blown room now! And within it is indeed a closet full of diaper bundles loading every shelf and cranny, restocked repeatedly and tied by pretty curling ribbon. It’s a small touch that shows we value clients and enjoy sharing. 

HOPE is the best thing we want everyone to leave with. Struggling new parents, grandparents or guardians learn that by doing positive, loving, learning activities that benefit family life, they can easily earn points. And most items take only a few to earn.

Credit is earned by well-baby visits, going to church or a Bible study, setting up appointments with one of our coaches to watch a parenting video, discuss and complete homework. Employment and volunteer work also count. The various incentives and rewards are well-thought-out and amazing.

One of our newest volunteers, Lizzie, first came to Life Choices with her husband as a pregnant couple, and she now comes in often with her living doll in tow. When their pregnancy ultrasound first seemed to show a boy, Lizzie and husband Brandon eagerly shopped for guy-blue things. And each one was given to Life Choices when the news of a girl was confirmed. Brand new.

So hope and help bears beautiful fruit, and during this Christmas gift-giving Season, you may have friends or neighbors with outgrown baby or toddler things. Or maybe you know a young woman open to our help and services…

Either way, the Hope’s Closet door is wide open and the welcome is warm!

Grace and gratitude, always

Life Choices