How many of us struggled as parents or caregivers to meet a crying baby’s needs or sooth sibling rivalry? Do we recall the fear a youngster’s illness or an accident brought us? There may have been so many questions about breastfeeding or post-partum depression that could be embarrassing to bring to a male doctor.

Life Choices offers clients an extensive video collection and comfy-couched room where trained parenting coaches help tackle all these subjects. And so many more!

We have at least 83 DVDs on a wide assortment of topics that often include question/answer sheets and always thoughtful tips and methods or insight. Both women and men can easily sign up and learn, and may attend individually and privately, such as a partner who knows they are prone to short tempers or violent behavior and want to nip it in the bud before sharing.Detailed parenting videos may take viewers far beyond what they thought they knew and had covered. “A lot of new parents go by what THEIR parents did with them, but that may not be the best” or most effective method, said Suzanne, Director of our ministry. “We can give them a long-view of raising children so that they can dodge and work around problems, and they can develop consistency in discipline…which works!” she added.

Various segments cover pre-natal care through birthing, and childhood through the teenage years. They are written and filmed by pediatric experts, such as Dr. James Dobson, and some stress practical procedures while others deal with background understanding of child stages or rebellion, and all use a Christian, Biblically sound worldview.

After watching a segment, from 20 minutes to an hour (depending on scheduling), they have a chance to discuss or raise questions with a coach, and this peer-to-peer relationship builds trust and support, a warm heart and a listening ear that no YouTube lesson can do.

   One dedicated client named Ashley has visited the center for several years, faithfully covering dozens of topics and is now undertaking a Bible study with her current coach Barb Kavan. Besides the knowledge Ashley gains, she earns points for the appointments, homework, and planning that have bought clothes, supplies or toys along the way.

And she knows where to turn with each problem. “When parents are pushed to the brink, these lessons give practical tips that can be used immediately,” noted Barb. As a grandma herself, Barb enjoys learning new insights, like picking up on a baby’s different cries for what they need, and noticing details like patterns, tones, and body language…besides focusing on the volume!

What women like Ashley demonstrate is disciplining themselves, as parents, to respond to child stress properly and with more confidence. Suzanne added that “self discipline, as a parent, is the hardest thing to control,” but she would like to see all Life Choices clients enjoy the peace, support and strength that our setting and coaches provide.

“I wish more women and men would come in before reaching the end of their rope,” she stressed. With caring life coaches to sit in and guide, watching a short video on a sunlit sofa, perhaps with your little one playing at your feet, can be better than paying for a popular movie, and actually pay YOU, as a client…so please help spread the word!

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